Faro promotes another anti-rabies vaccination campaign

Between June 20th and July 28rd

The Municipality of Faro, in partnership with the Directorate General for Food and Veterinary Medicine, will develop, as of the 20th of June, another annual anti-rabies vaccination campaign.

The initiative takes place within the scope of the National Program for Fighting and Epidemiological Surveillance of Animal Rabies and other Zoonoses and provides for the displacement of the municipal veterinarian to 16 strategic points in all the parishes of Faro, between the 20th of June and the 28th of July.

In a note, the municipality states that as of August, anyone who has not vaccinated their dogs, should go to the Official Collection Center for Animals of Faro, in the Medronhal area, in Guilhim, on Tuesdays, from 10:00 am to 11:30 am.

The Municipality of faro reminds the population that «anti-rabies vaccination is mandatory for all dogs with three or more
months of age» and emphasizes that the keepers of the animals must be accompanied, in addition to their documents (if any), by the Citizen Card, or in their absence, by the Identity Card and Taxpayer Card.

The procedure is subject to the payment of a fee determined annually by the DGAV and according to the period in which it is applied. The amounts are 10 euros for anti-rabies vaccination (single fee E), 1 euro for the health bulletin and 2,50 euros for the SIAC registration fee (whenever there is a need to carry out electronic identification prior to the act of anti-rabies vaccination).

Guide dogs, guard dogs of State establishments, Administrative Bodies, Beneficence and Public Utility Institutions, Hunting Services of the Institute for Nature Conservation and Forests, and those of Military, Militarized and Police Authorities without private clinical assistance are exempt from fees.

The campaign runs at the following times and dates 

Parish Union of Faro (Sé and S. Pedro) – Ilha da Culatra – pier – 20 June – 10:00 am

St. Bárbara de Nexe – Pé do Cerro – Nenda Ibrantina – 23 June – 9:30 am

St. Bárbara de Nexe – Parish Council – 23 June 11h00

Conceição and Estoi – Alcaria Cov – Largo Café “Guerreiro” – 27 June – 9:30 am

St. Bárbara de Nexe – Colmeál – Café “Alfarroba” – 27th June – 11h00

Parish Union of Faro (Sé and S. Pedro) – Bra iais – Café “Moinho” – 30 June – 9:30 am

Conceição and Estoi – Lar o da Igreja – Conceição Church – 4 July – 9 am

St. Bárbara de Nexe – Falfosa – Café “Ramos” – 7 July – 9:30 am

Montenegro – Montenegro – Hunting and fishing club – 11 July – 09:30 am

Conceição and Estoi – Estoi – Estoi Market – 14 July – 9:30 am

St. Bárbara de Nexe – Gorjões – Old primary school – 18 July 10h00

Union of the Parishes of Conceição and Estoi – Alface – Largo – 21 July – 9:30 am

St. Bárbara de Nexe – Bordeira – Café “Pinto” – 21 July – 11 am

Conceição and Estoi – Ferradeira – Minimarket – 25 July 9:30 am

Conceição and Estoi – Bela Curral – Café “Vitorina” – 25 July – 11 am

Montenegro – Gambelas – Former House of Past “Retiro Gambelas” – 28 July 10h00