Farense is «back to its rightful place, where it should never have left»

Cristóvão Norte believes it will be possible to consolidate its presence in the I Liga

Farense is «back to its rightful place, where it should never have left», the I Liga, he told the Sul Informação Cristóvão Norte, the president of the General Assembly of the Faro, in reaction to the team's rise to the top echelon of Portuguese football.

For this official, this is the culmination of a season «which turned out to be extraordinary», despite having been marked by a change of coach.

«I would like to thank João Rodrigues, an authentic benefactor of the club, who is helping to prepare for the future, but also the athletes, the coaches, all the club's employees and, mainly, the fans and sympathizers, who are the great strength of Farense".

Suffice it to say that on Friday, there were more than a thousand fans of the Algarve in Seixal, to support the team in the game against Benfica B.

From here, the idea «is to consolidate Farense in the top echelon of Portuguese football», an objective that Cristóvão Norte considers to be possible, «in light of this success» and the work that has been done to «give economic consistency» to the club and train «many young people» at the academy, in order to «leverage the club into the future».

However, the supporters already celebrate in Faro and Cristóvão Norte hopes that «the whole city» will join in the celebrations.




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