Euphoria and great pride at the Farense climb party

José Mota did not hide his joy and opens the door to continuity in the technical command of Farense


Euphoria, pride, a lot of celebration and hope of staying, once and for all, in the First League. These were some of the feelings that emerged from the Farense party, who guaranteed yesterday, Sunday, the rise to the top echelon of Portuguese football – and didn't even have to leave the couch.

The Municipal Market of Faro it was the epicenter of the festivities, which began and ended at Estádio de S. Luís and included a parade through the city streets, in a panoramic bus.

Players, coaching staff, directors and employees of the Faro they danced and sang together with the “sea” of supporters that gathered in front of the market.

José Mota, the coach who took over the team halfway through the season, succeeding Vasco Faísca, and managed to guide it to the First League, was one of the faces of Farense's joy.

The coach considered the promotion to the first League to be "very special", considering that Farense "deserves to be in the I Liga".

«Things happened naturally, because there is empathy, there is rigor, there are wills and there is a fantastic work group, which led to the consummate rise to the First League. I League that Farense deserves, because it is a great club, which is perceived that in the future it will be better and better», said José Mota, in statements to journalists, during the party at Mercado de Faro.


José Mota taking a selfie with a fan


The coach did not hide that this climb to the I Liga, the fifth of his career, was “very special, because I had never trained in the Algarve, but I really like the Algarve and I really like the people of the Algarve. I was very well received and, when they invited me to come and coach Farense, I immediately accepted in a simple and open way, because I knew it was a project that had excellent conditions».

Admitting that the path that culminated in yesterday's party was marked by "difficulties", the technician assured that he always had "the conviction that in the future we would be successful, because the work group accepted us very easily and this city has always supported us. I am very grateful to all Farenses for the way they have treated me».

That's exactly why the coach opens the door to continuity at Farense.

"I like Faro, I am a very practical person, very easy going, and I also have my goals. Faro it is an excellent city, it welcomed me very well and we will certainly talk. And, from then on, things will naturally happen or not, but the truth is that I was very well received in Faro», concludes.


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