Vessel with more than 4 tons of hashish seized in Tavira

In yet another action to combat drug trafficking in the Algarve

The National Maritime Authority and the Portuguese Navy seized early this Saturday a high-speed vessel, stranded and abandoned in the Cabanas de Tavira channel, which contained 125 bales, approximately 4375 kilos of hashish.

During tonight's operation, which involved the participation of the Maritime Police, Navy ships and Marines, the Maritime Authority says it has detected "suspicious movements of vessels related to drug trafficking, with two suspicious vessels having been detected and pursued", but approach was not implemented.

Later, at dawn, the Maritime Police then detected a stranded and abandoned speedboat, still with warm engines, which contained the drug.

The vessel was then taken to the port of Faro and delivered to the Judiciary Police.

This year, the National Maritime Authority and the Navy have already collaborated in the seizure of 779 bales, equivalent to more than 27 tonnes of hashish, with 20 vessels having been seized so far.