From the Little Mermaid to Dino D'Santiago: this is the month of June at Teatro das Figuras

Programming for all audiences at Teatro Municipal de Faro

The Little Mermaid, Orquestra do Algarve, experimental rock, Dino D'Santiago, theatre, new circus, Adriana Calcanhotto, humour. These are some of the programming ingredients for all audiences at Teatro das Figuras, in Faro, throughout the month of June.

Starting on the 1st of June, this is the day of the Little Mermaid, an exciting musical that promises to delight children and adults alike. Written, conceived and staged by Miguel Ruivo Duarte, this well-known and beloved story takes the stage of the Grand Auditorium to celebrate Children's Day with two school sessions and a third for the general public.

On the 3rd of June, the same room will once again welcome Orquestra do Algarve's neighbors, this time conducted by maestro Christopher Bochmann, who will present the concert “Wandering from Clime to Clime” with accordion soloist Gonçalo Pescada.

The first of three international names that are part of the Teatro das Figuras program, in June, is the American experimental rock band Swans! On the 6th, Tuesday, they give their last concert in Portugal, after two sold-out concerts at Culturgest, in Lisbon.

Also on the 6th, the boats will head towards the Dino D'Santiago Abordo mini tour, which features concerts on the beaches of Culatra (6th), Hangares (7th), Farol (day 8) and Deserta (day 9). The party docks on the 10th for a concert at Teatro das Figuras, a well-known venue for the musician from Quarteira who is already an unavoidable name in the national artistic scene.



The theater arrives at Teatro, on the 9th, with the play Joseph the Father, the last chapter of the trilogy “The Holy Family”, with text and staging by Elmano Sancho. This is a co-production with Teatro das Figuras.

Also that weekend, on the 11th, at 20 pm, space for the contemporary circus with SMASHED00, a juggling show by the British company Gandini Juggling, which closes with great effect another edition of MOMI – Festival Internacional de Teatro Físico, an initiative of the JAT – Open Window Theater.

There's more theater to live with Forgetfulness, the new collective creation of Teatro da Cidade, which is born from a reflection on the Right to be Forgotten, present in the New Charter of Human Rights in the Digital Age. It will be on the 16th, at 21:30.

The last piece of the month arrives in the Algarve capital by A Turma, an association from Porto that presents, on the 22nd of June, the show Tourism, which proposes to reflect on questions that haunt our «here and now».



Still in June, two moments that can only be categorized as unmissable: on the 23rd, Friday, the stage for the Algarve becomes Adriana Calcanhotto's domain for her last date in this visit to Portugal. She presents the new album “Errante”, with which she sold out all the other venues in the national territory… including Faro.

And as those who laugh last, laugh best, the month ends with laughter assured by Luís Franco-Bastos and his new stand-up, “Diogo”. On the 29th of June, LFB brings to the Algarve an account and a deconstruction of experiences, of many memories, intimate and family issues.

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