Head of the SEF delegation in Albufeira accused of two crimes of corruption

A 61-year-old man was arrested in 2018 on suspicion of favoring two foreign citizens

The Public Prosecutor's Office accused the head of the regional delegation of the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF) in Albufeira of two crimes of passive corruption, on suspicion of having favored two foreign citizens, who will also be accused, each of them, of a crime of corruption, in this case, active.

In 2018, Joaquim Patrício was arrested by the Judiciary Police on suspicion of accepting money to facilitate and speed up processes for issuing residence permits.

Now, the 2nd section of the Department of Investigation and Criminal Action of Faro (DIAP), brought charges against the 61-year-old man and against the two foreign men, aged 44 and 24.

According to the MP, “in June 2018, outside office hours, in his office, the head of the SEF delegation received from the 44-year-old defendant a sum of money to schedule and facilitate the process of obtaining a residence permit for his wife. of this".

In July 2018, “in his office and outside SEF delegation office hours, the SEF employee received the sum of 24 euros from the 200-year-old defendant, in order to schedule his residence permit process with priority”.

"The monetary amounts handed over were independent of the fees, fines and fees due for the residence permit processes and were pocketed by the defendant for his own benefit", adds the Public Prosecutor's Office.

The investigation was in charge of the Directorate of the South of the Judiciary Police.