Câmara de Lagoa invested more than 2,8 million euros in culture in 2022

Much of the money was spent on shows.

The Câmara de Lagoa invested more than 2,8 million in the area of ​​culture throughout 2022, in what was a bet in a sector that has been «one of the priorities» of the current municipal executive.

This sum was channeled, in part, to «anchor events, some of them recognized internationally, such as Black&White, and others with national projection, such as the Lagoa Wine Show, the Mercado à Luz das Velas, the mythical FATACIL, the Lagoa Jazz Fest, the International Guitar Festival, the Humor Fest, the Conventual Sweet Exhibition», according to the Câmara de Lagoa.

The more than 2,8 million euros were also used «to support associations, to purchase new equipment, to maintain existing equipment, to pay for personnel involved in culture, as well as to contribute to the recovery works of the Igreja Matriz de Estômbar».

«Of the total amount invested in the area of ​​culture, the amount invested in the various cultural shows carried out stands out, which reached the amount of one million, one hundred and fifteen thousand euros, the amount invested with staff, which reached 610 thousand euros, support for associations, with around 409 thousand euros, the contribution in the recovery works of the Mother Church of Estômbar, with 300 thousand euros, among the costs inherent to the cultural activity carried out in the municipality», summarized the municipality.

«Investing in the area of ​​culture is investing in people, in our history, in our customs, it is to perpetuate our traditions. In Lagoa there will always be a stage at the service of culture, which distinguishes us from others and fills us with pride», said Luís Encarnação, mayor of Lagoa.