Bernardo Rocha of Team BMX Quarteira and Rita Xufre win the Portuguese Cup

The BMX Portuguese Cup ends with the Quarteira double journey, scheduled for the 10th and 11th of June

Bernardo Rocha (Team BMX Quarteira) and Rita Xufre (Núcleo Bicross de Setúbal/Knowledge Inside) dominated the double journey of the Portuguese BMX Race Cup, winning the races on Saturday and Sunday, held in Setúbal.

In the supercross category, the main one in the men's sector, the weekend began under the sign of balance in the overall Cup. And nothing has changed after the fifth and sixth scoring races for the trophy this weekend.

Bernardo Rocha was the strongest on both days and thus took command of the supercross general classification. But everything remains open for the future. Bernardo Rocha now has 48 points, three more than Carlos Rosado (Clube Bicross de Portimão) and nine more than Édi Barradas (Núcleo Bicross de Setúbal/Knowledge Inside).

The situation could not be more different in the main female category, under-23 and under-17. Rita Xufre remains undefeated in the Portuguese Cup, having won all races so far, which gives her a comfortable margin of 24 points in the general classification over teammate Leonor Carvalho.

In men over 17 years old, Francis Luiz (Clube Bicross de Portimão), leads the Cup, after winning on Sunday. On Saturday he won Cláudio Cruz (Águias S. Gabriel BMX Race). Mónica Gaboleiro prevailed in the 23+ women's races, both on Saturday and Sunday.

Cadet Leonardo Carmo (Team BMX Quarteira) won on Saturday and is at the top of the standings, but in Sunday's race he was beaten by Jesús Miranda (BMX Badajoz AD). In the sub-15 there were two winners in Setúbal. On Saturday Carlota Santos (Casa do Povo de Abrunheira) triumphed, who is at the head of the Cup, while on Sunday the one who shone with the most brilliance was Iris Moraru (Clube Bicross de Portimão).

In the remaining categories that score for the overall Portuguese Cup, note the successes of juniors Adnré Muller (Clube Bicross de Portimão), Saturday, and Eliseu Silva (Núcleo Bicross de Setúbal/Knowledge Inside), Sunday. Muller is at the top of the overall for juveniles.

In cruisers 30/39 Francis Luiz won both stages this weekend, as did Bruno Berto (Núcleo Bicross de Setúbal/Knowledge Inside) in cruises +40 years.

Playing at home, Núcleo Bicross de Setúbal/Knowledge Inside won by teams on both days, but the collective general is led by Clube Bicross de Portimão.

The Portuguese BMX Cup ends with the double day in Quarteira, scheduled for the 10th and 11th of June.