Quarteira athletes compete in the French BMX Cup

Bernardo Rocha and Leonardo Carmo are the athletes from Quarteira who will represent the National Team

Bernardo Rocha and Leonardo Carmo, from Team BMX Quarteira, are two of the athletes who will represent the National Team this Saturday and Sunday, in Limoges, France, in two rounds of the French BMX Cup, also qualifying for the UCI ranking.

The national BMX coach Alexandre Almeida also summoned Rita Xufre and Leonor Carvalho, both athletes from Núcleo Bicross de Setúbal/Knowledge Inside).

«The second commitment outside Portugal this season presupposes an increase in sporting demand», stresses the Portuguese Cycling Federation in a note, and adds that «after participating in the Spanish Cup, this time the team will run in an international competition, with a higher level of demand» – a process that aims to endow the Portuguese corridors with greater skills with a view to future goals.

“It's the first time we've set goals in French Cup competitions. We want to evolve the competitive experience of our young runners. They will be very demanding races, which our athletes will have to compete in with a view to preparing for the European Championship, which will take place in France, at the beginning of July, and which will be our great sport this season», explains Alexandre Almeida.