Even the train will arrive in Monchique for «Vamos à Vila»!

Production of sausages, gastronomy, distillation of arbutus brandy, handicrafts, local arts, music and discovery: «Let's go to the village»!

A village – Monchique – divided into seven villages – Chorões, Largo, Children, Misericórdia, Church, Market and Gallery. This will be the second edition of the «Vamos à Vila» event, in Monchique, on the weekend of 27th and 28th May.

In each of villages, in other words, from the main places in the old town of Monchique, there will be numerous activities taking place at the same time, ranging from exhibitions, traditional games, knitting and crochet workshops, workshops with artists, the enthronement of new members of the Confraria do Medronho «Os Monchiqueiros», and lots and lots of music, for different tastes.

Connecting all this, there will be 105 exhibitors from Monchique, the rest of the Algarve and neighboring Alentejo, where you can see, taste and buy local sausages (the three producers registered in the municipality will be present), peanuts from Aljezur, local handicrafts , Alentejo cheeses, as well as brandy from medronho and the rich cuisine of Monchique, in the taverns and restaurants, which will be open and integrated in the circuit around the village.

Paulo Alves, mayor of Monchique, explained to the Sul Informação that, on the weekend of the 27th and 28th of May, the streets of the town center will be closed to car traffic (there will be parking on the outskirts), so that «people come here, circulate freely and with time through the streets, get to know the village, enter the traditional trade, which will be open during the event, buy our sausages, our medronho or honeydew, or go to the restaurants and taverns».

The idea is that «people visit us calmly, enjoy everything there is in these different corners of the town of Monchique, the so-called Aldeias, get to know all our good things, such as local products, gastronomy, medronho, and stay wanting to come back or stay longer», added the mayor.

In the streets of the center of the village, there will always be constant animation, whether in the roundabout or in the various spaces. But, as Paulo Alves underlined, the highlight goes to Camané's performance, at 18 pm on Sunday, the 00th, at Largo da Igreja.



According to the Municipality of Monchique, «Vamos à Vila» aims to be «a moment of celebration of local traditions», and «a tribute to what is gone and what is intended to be maintained as a tradition», having as a «creative thread» «the voice and traditions" of the community, in order to reinforce its "identity".

Based on the mottos «truthfulness» and «essence», the event launches an «invitation for everyone to participate in sharing the knowledge and flavors of Monchique, with the participation of guests, aiming at complementarity between territories».

The exhibition of knowledge and flavors «Vamos à Vila» takes place on Saturday, the 27th, from 11:00 am to 23:00 pm, and on Sunday, the 28th, from 11:00 am to 21:30 pm. Admission is free.

To make your visit more pleasant, there will be a free car park on the road to Alferce (turn right at the entrance to Monchique), with a free little train running all the way to the center of town to transport visitors. Echoing an old joke with the people of Monchique, it goes without saying that even the train will arrive in Monchique for «Vamos à Vila»!


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