Association of Municipalities Terras do Infante promotes cleaning of about 190 hectares of forest

Action developed in conjunction with seven hunting associations/clubs


The Association of Municipalities Terras do Infante entered into a protocol with seven Associations/Clubs for hunting the cleaning of around 190 hectares of forest and bush, plus 65 kilometers of cleaning and repair of forest, rural paths and firebreaks.

The intervention area was agreed between the Municipal Civil Protection Services of the municipalities of Lagos, Aljezur and Vila do Bispo, Volunteer Firefighters, and Associations/Clubs of Hunters «according to the cartography of fire danger, knowledge of the area and history of occurrences ».

«Hunters Associations/Clubs are proximity managers of large areas of rural territories within the scope of their hunting management activities, having a specific knowledge both of the territory and in contact with the owners, facts that make all the work faster and more effective », says the Association of Municipalities in a note, stressing that these program contracts complement the various interventions carried out by Terras do Infante’s works, by its Sapadores Florestais and by the respective Municipal Services, in terms of the Primary Network and the Secondary Network of structural prevention to rural fires.

Thus, discontinuities will be created for existing plant fuels in strategic locations, validated by the local Civil Protection structures and by the Forestry Technical Office, based on the Rural Fire Hazard Cartography and evaluation of fuel load and continuity, installed side safety strips of rural roads and improvement of platforms for the circulation of roads and firebreaks.

The total investment will be eighty thousand five hundred euros.