ArQuente invites community to take the sky to Querença

Local community invited to participate in an artistic residency and to be part of a show

«Take me to Heaven» is the name of the show created especially for Querença, which ArQuente – Associação Cultural will present in this village, on the 10th of June, at 20 pm.

The performance, directed by choreographer Carolina Cantinho, has the particularity of being preceded by an artistic residency, which starts on June 03rd, involving the local community.

For four days, about a dozen people can participate in the creative workshop, which culminates in a public presentation, in the open air, in Largo da Igreja, in the peaceful village in the interior of the municipality of Loulé.

«Open to people of different ages and backgrounds, the workshop does not require any specific aptitude or experience in dance», explains the association ArQuente. Participants just need to be willing to move, express themselves creatively, learn new things and connect with others.

Registration for the workshop is free, as is watching the show.

«Together we will reflect on each other’s sky and imagine other narratives for the places we inhabit on a daily basis, creating movement and thought through the use of the surrounding space, the body and the different dynamics and relationships, in an open-air place», he explains Carolina Cantinho.

In 2022, the choreographer was invited by ArQuente to direct this creation, whose premiere took place at Açoteia do Teatro das Figuras (co-producer), during the first edition of motus – International Performance Art Festival of Faro.

«Take me to Heaven» now arrives in Querença through the support of the Municipality of Loulé and will be presented within the scope of the Geopalcos – Arte.Ciência.Natureza programme, an action of the aspiring Geopark Algarvensis (candidate for UNESCO).

ArQuente also has the support of Camada – Centro Coreográfica and communication partners Sul Informação and STREET FM.




Nothing is conventional, but at the same time, nothing is strange. The immensity welcomes us and shows us what we want and can see. We cross the landscape and live it within ourselves. We create inner narratives that take us to places where only we can fully penetrate. We ascend to the sky, in a fearless flight, which is frightening! We have our feet set on stones and our hearts willing not to petrify. We move to tear down walls.

Artistic file:

Artistic Direction/Choreography: Carolina Corner
Co-creators/Interpreters: Adelaide Fonseca, Carolina Cantinho, Fúlvia Almeida, Margôt de Andrade, Tatá Regala, Teresa Silva
Costume Concept: Carolina Corner
Production: ArQuente – Cultural Association
Coproduction: Theater of Figures
Supports: Municipality of Loulé / Cineteatro Louletano
Partnership: Choreographic Center layer
Photographs: Filipe Farinha
Design: Bruno Rodrigues
Media Partners: Sul Informação and FM STREET