Fast boat with five tons of hashish seized in Barra do Guadiana [video]

Traffickers fled and still haven't been detected

Five tonnes of hashish, which were being transported on a speedboat that ran aground on the Guadiana bar, in Vila Real de Santo António, were seized by the Coastal Control Unit (UCC) of the GNR, yesterday, May 4, at 5:00 am.

The drug was packaged in 136 bales, which were left on the boat by the alleged traffickers, who fled the scene and have not yet been detected by the authorities.

Yesterday morning, a suspicious High Speed ​​Vessel (EAV) was detected by the GNR, «with characteristics identical to those used in the commission of the crime of drug trafficking by sea», entering the river bar.

The Guard carried out "permanent follow-up and monitoring, through the maritime means of the Coastal Control Sub-detachment of Vila Real de Santo António, in order to intercept the vessel", but ended up finding the speedboat "already immobilized next to the Guadiana river ».



In the operation, a high-speed vessel, 12 meters long, with 4 high-power engines, and 136 bales, with about five tons of hashish, was seized.

The facts were communicated to the Judicial Court of Vila Real de Santo António and to the Judiciary Police.