Students from Secundária de Olhão make a «special» study visit to Huelva and Seville

Student with a neuromusculoskeletal disease was able to participate in the visit

The 10th year Humanities students from Escola Secundária de Olhão carried out a study visit to Huelva and Seville, on the 5th of May. It could have been a normal visit, but this one was «special».

Because, «thanks to the support of the Councilor for Education of the Municipality of Olhão, Professor Elsa Parreira, and to the persistence of the organizers» (Hugo Lopes, specialist senior technician and Pedro Ramalhete, PCA coordinator), it was possible to take, for the first time, a student with a neuromusculoskeletal disease getting to know the caravels, in Huelva, and the Cathedral of Seville, as well as its Historic Centre.