Algarvio Luís Costa is fifth in the World Cup time trial

Paracycling World Cup takes place in Huntsville

The Algarve's Luís Costa achieved fifth position yesterday in the class H5 time trial of the Paracycling World Cup round, which takes place in Huntsville, Alabama, United States of America.

Luís Costa needed 21'34''70 to complete the individual effort of 14,6 kilometres, 1'55''86 more than the winner, the Dutchman Mitch Valize, who cut the finish line in 19'38''84. The podium was completed by Frenchman Loic Vergnaud, 31,95 seconds, and Dutchman Tim de Vries, 48,55 seconds.

Flávio Pacheco was 16th in the H4 class race, completing the 14,6 kilometers in 22'22''85. He was 2'57''76 from the 19'25''09 that gave Frenchman Mathieu Bosredon victory.

Second was Dutchman Geert Schipper, 42 hundredths behind the winner. The third, 26,43 seconds, was the Belgian Jonas van de Steene.

In the C1 race, Bernardo Vieira was sixth out of ten participants, stopping the clock at 22'27''52, 1'47''83 from the American Aaron Keith, who won with 20'39''69. The German Michael Teuber was second, 15,23 seconds, while the Spaniard Ricardo Tem closed the podium, 27,35 seconds behind the winner.

Telmo Pinão was the national representative in the C2 time trial, which ended in 14th place, thanks to a record of 23'07''63, 4'17''02 more than the mark of Frenchman Alexandre Leauté, 18'50' '61. Belgian Ewoud Vromant was 2,15 seconds behind the Frenchman. Briton Ryan Taylor was third, at 59,14 seconds.

Today, only Flávio Pacheco and Luís Costa will compete, leaving at 21:00 for the respective long distance races, which will have 72,6 kilometers.

The closing of the World Cup takes place on Monday. Bernardo Vieira and Telmo Pinão will complete the 72,6 kilometers of the C1 and C2 long distance races, respectively, starting at 14 pm.