Alcoutim has already awarded the design of the project and launched an environmental assessment of the new bridge

Chamber is managing to meet the «tight schedule» of the work

The elaboration of the project for the future bridge over the Guadiana, which will connect Alcoutim to SanLúcar, in Spain, has already been awarded, at a time when the Environmental Impact Assessment of the work is already «taking its first steps», he revealed to the Sul Informação Osvaldo Gonçalves, mayor of Alcoutim, who expects to have this phase of the project completed by «the end of July», within «the tight schedule» that was stipulated.

The project is already being carried out by the company A2P Consult, which presented the winning proposal in the tender launched by the Câmara de Alcoutim and which saw it awarded the procedure, for a value of 490 thousand euros.

Contacted by our newspaper, the alcoutenejo mayor revealed that the preparation of the execution project «should be concluded in July».

At the same time, the “contracting of the Environmental Impact Assessment took place, which is already taking its first steps. Naturally, you will have to wait for the implementation project to be completed, but what can be done is already being done».



«We are also already dealing with the expropriation part, a process that does not seem to be very difficult, since there are few owners. In Portugal there is only one and in the Spanish part there are two, one of which is meeting of Sanlúcar», revealed Osvaldo Gonçalves.

Once the project is completed and approved, and the entire Environmental Impact Assessment process is completed, the tender for the work can be launched. The idea is start work by May 2024, so that it will be completed “in 2025”.

«If all goes well, we expect to launch the tender for the work in 2023. In these things, we always prepare for some unpredictability, although we always hope that it does not exist. If there are no major unforeseen events or if they arise and our reaction is timely and effective, we will meet the deadlines», assured the mayor of Alcoutim.

What is certain is that, at this moment, in relation to the milestones that the Chamber had stipulated, the deadlines are being met.

«We are here running within the stipulated time, with the objective that we have to meet the schedule and bring this project to a successful conclusion», concluded Osvaldo Gonçalves.



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