11 people detained in Albufeira over the weekend

For drug trafficking, driving under the influence of alcohol and driving without a legal license

11 people, aged between 22 and 60, were arrested over the weekend in Albufeira, as part of a set of policing and crime-fighting actions carried out by the GNR. 

Of the arrests, six stand out for drug trafficking, four for driving under the influence of alcohol and one for driving without a legal license.

Various materials were also seized, in particular 150 doses of cocaine, 31 pills of ecstasy, 12 doses of liamba, 115 euros in cash and a nitrous oxide bottle.

As part of the actions carried out, an inspection operation was also launched at establishments selling retail items, which resulted in the seizure of 13 prohibited weapons, commonly known as “karambit” knives, with a 29-year-old man being accused.

Following an investigation into threats, the Guard's military also complied with a house search warrant, in which nine compressed air weapons and an alarm revolver were seized, with a 69-year-old man being accused.

"By carrying out these operations, the National Republican Guard intends to fight crime and strengthen the population's sense of security, also seeking to prevent criminal offenses", they refer in a note. 

The facts were communicated to the Court of Albufeira.