Odor inhibition system implemented at BioSmart in Messines

Company belongs to Grupo NOV Ambiente & Energia

BioSmart, a company of the NOV Ambiente & Energia Group, completed the implementation, at its Messines unit, of a complete odor capture and purification system, which is now fully operational.

This solution, approved by the Commission for Coordination and Regional Development (CCDR) of the Algarve, guarantees, according to the company, «the sequestration of any odors in the compost piles, as well as in all transport vehicles, also allowing the renewal of the air inside the pavilion and the routing of odorous gases for treatment in a Gas Scrubber and a Biofilter».

Equipment for continuous measurement of odor levels was also installed at a location in the parish, allowing constant management and monitoring.

In addition, the installation of a gas scrubber and a Biofilter system was started.

«The works carried out made the composting pavilion watertight and the installation of all this technology allows controlling and monitoring, second by second, the air quality throughout the installation and in the area outside the EcoParque itself», says the company, which explains that this is further evidence of the group's commitment to innovation «to increase environmental sustainability, in the sense of improving the working conditions of its employees, but also providing greater comfort to the local population».