Get ready for guided tours on the International Day for Monuments and Sites

Admission is free to the monuments, with guided visits to the Fortress of Sagres and the Roman Ruins of Milreu scheduled.

The Regional Directorate of Culture of the Algarve (DRCAlg) invites you to visit the Fortress of Sagres, the Hermitage of Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe and the Roman Ruins of Milreu, the Algarve monuments under its tutelage, on April 18, International Day of Monuments and Sites.

Admission is free to the monuments and guided visits are scheduled to the Fortress of Sagres and the Roman Ruins of Milreu.

"Heritage and Change" was the theme chosen this year, with the aim of following up on the concern expressed by ICOMOS and expressed in the declaration of Climate Emergency in 2020, thus continuing to promote the potential of heritage on the path to inclusive climate action , transformative and fair.



For the Fortress of Sagres, four guided tours are scheduled to the Exhibition Center, at 10:30 am, 12:00 pm, 14:30 pm and 16:00 pm.

The Exhibition Center of the Fortress of Sagres, open to the public since last November, presents an innovative multimedia and interactive exhibition, which interprets the territory and the way in which it relates to Infante D. Henrique and the Portuguese Expansion in its different aspects.

Through these visits, «in addition to a historical interpretation, the proposal is essentially to discover, question and dialogue around the heritage diversity that is part of the museographic program and the narrative of the exhibition», emphasizes the Regional Directorate.

Visits are free, but prior registration is required by emailing [email protected].

At the Contemporary Art Center of the Sagres Fortress, you can still visit the exhibition «Invisible Territories», by Manuel Baptista, an opportunity to discover some works by one of the greatest Portuguese artists, recently deceased.

During the monument's opening hours, from 9:30 am to 17:30 pm, admission is free for all visitors.



The Roman Ruins of Milreu are open to the public from 9:00 am to 17:00 pm, and the guided tour of the monument takes place from 14:30 pm to 16:00 pm.

Accompanied by an archaeologist from DRCAlg, visitors have the opportunity to get to know this national monument better, which has been constantly occupied over several centuries and which also has several spaces, such as baths, a temple, mills and mosaics with marine motifs.

«The visit will also give a perspective of that territory (Estoi village) and the reasons for the implantation of the Roman villa in that place», explains the Regional Directorate.

Visits are free, but prior registration is required by email [email protected].

Still in the Roman Ruins of Milreu, and for the younger ones, DRCAlg will promote, from 9:30 am to 11:00 am, the activity «Archaeologist for a day», in which the students of a 2nd cycle class can try out the various tasks of an archaeologist and a conservator-restorer, from the excavation to the musealization of the object.

The «Archaeologist for a day» activity allows you to get in touch with the day-to-day life of an archaeologist in its various aspects and in the different stages of an archaeological intervention, as well as with the archaeological remains and the development of the first conservation tasks that precede a restoration action, namely the washing of the material and its separation by typology, colors, among others.