Música XXI starts a theater cycle based on the fight against the dictatorship

The next repetition of the event is scheduled for April 30, at 21:30

21 minutes of drama and 21 spectators: this is the concept of fast theater that Associação Cultural Música XXI intends to develop this year and that will be based on the fight against the dictatorship. 

At the headquarters of Música XXI, «interpretation, poetry, music and dance will be served in a cocktail in moderate doses for quick relief of anguish and sadness», says the Association.

On the 24th of April, the actors Ana Oliveira and António Gambóias performed an expressive reading of the text “Frente a Frente”. This text, by António Gambóias, presents fragments of the lives of women and men who committed themselves, in a dramatic way, in the fight against a dictatorship.

They are «impressive stories of courage in suffering» that «may seem strange to us from the distance of time, but remind us that an informed conscience allows us to resist, that our small victories lead us to another path and to a fairer outcome» , stresses Música XXI, which raises the question “what revolution didn't happen in the revolution?”.

The repetition of the event is scheduled for the 30th of April, at 21:30, at the headquarters of Música XXI. In addition to this, there will be four different productions with presentations to be distributed throughout the year.