Municipality of Faro mourns the death of Manuel Baptista

«Manuel Baptista has always been one of the plastic artists most cherished by the people of Faro and with the greatest national recognition»

The Municipality of Faro has already commented on the death of artist Manuel Baptista, who died this saturday, on April 8, at the age of 87.

In a note shared on the social network Facebook, the Municipality recalls that «it was finalizing, with the artist, an anthological exhibition in his honor to open before the summer at the Municipal Museum and Galeria Trem» and also refers that «Manuel Baptista has always been a of the plastic artists most cherished by the farenses and of greater national recognition».

On September 7, 2018, Manuel Baptista was awarded the Gold Medal, at the Solemn Session commemorating the Municipality Day, which is one of the last honors he received from the municipality. In 1990 he had already taken over the management of Trem and Arco Municipal Galleries.

Manuel Baptista was born in Faro, in 1936, and died yesterday, in Lisbon.