Ministry of Internal Administration closes Oura bar where young man died

Kady's Bar (Almada) and After Porto were also closed

Photo: Club Vida | Facebook

The Ministry of Internal Affairs closed the Club Vida nightclub, in Oura (Albufeira), at the door of which a woman was stabbed to death 19-year-old young man, in the early hours of Sunday, April 16th. 

In a statement sent to the newsrooms, the Ministry says that it has collected "proof of the commission of serious facts, of a criminal nature".

Kady's Bar (Almada) and After Porto, in this city, were also closed for the same reasons.

«These police measures, of a precautionary and urgent nature, take the form of the closure of these establishments for a maximum period of six months», says the Ministry.

The Government determines "that the necessary measures must be taken" for the "normal and regular functioning" of these spaces, "namely in terms of creating safety conditions that make the reopening of establishments possible".

On the other hand, «the respective municipal councils are also asked to verify the adequacy of the capacity of the establishments and their opening hours».

“In another dimension, the Security Forces and the National Authority for Emergency and Civil Protection are required to monitor compliance with the rules relating to the operation of establishments, including, in the latter case, the safety of buildings against fire”, concludes the Ministry of Administration Internal.


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