«Two or three more weeks and we will start to have visible works» of the new bridge at Praia de Faro

Estimated time for carrying out the work remains the same

Photo: Mariana Carriço | Sul Informação

Work on the new bridge at Praia de Faro are taking place «on schedule», so that, within «another two or three weeks, we will start to have visible works», he assured the Sul Informação Rogério Bacalhau, President of the City Council of Faro. 

After the autarchy announced, last September, that the works were starting, it is certain that, until now, nothing is visible, this being a recurring theme on social networks. For this very reason, our newspaper went to ask the mayor if the works had already started, in fact, and at what point they are.

Rogério Bacalhau explained that, after carrying out the surveys, which began to be made in October and recently ended, it was then necessary to adapt the new bridge project to the measurements taken during these surveys.

The mayor added that the stakes that will need to be buried in the riverbed to support the pillars of the new bridge "have different variations and measurements". «There are some over 40 meters, for example».

«We are now waiting for the material to arrive, but the deadline for the work remains as scheduled», said the mayor to our newspaper.

Rogério Bacalhau believes that, with the start of the «visible works», the population «will be calmer and realize that things are moving forward».


There is still no work in sight, but the works have already started – Photo: Mariana Carriço | Sul Informação


The estimated time for construction of the new bridge therefore remains around a year and a half (540 days). Taking into account that the work began in October, the opening date remains before the summer of 2024.

The price of the work, in turn, remains at 6.263.719,12 euros.

The mayor recalls, however, that the construction of the new bridge «is a complex work». In such a way that follow-up services related to archeology and marine prairies have already been contracted, to monitor possible negative impacts on both aspects.

As he had already pointed out to our newspaper in October, Rogério Bacalhau admits that the work could cause «some constraints» in circulation, «but nothing unusual».

According to the mayor, the work on the new bridge «will all be done over the water, the other bridge is working and therefore the constraints will be the natural ones».



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