Loulé gets a new free-of-charge Bike Maintenance Station

Station has tools and equipment that anyone can use

 A Bicycle Maintenance Station, which allows anyone to carry out minor repairs on these two-wheelers free of charge, was installed on the ground floor of the Loulé Municipal Car Park by the municipal company Loulé Concelho Global.

«With the aim of encouraging sustainable mobility, the bicycle maintenance station will provide users with a place to carry out minor repairs and adjustments on their bicycles, in order to enhance the use of smooth mobility by citizens», describes the company.

The station includes various tools and "top quality equipment to ensure users can keep their bikes in top condition and is available free of charge to all."

The installation of this equipment «is a fundamental initiative to promote smooth and sustainable mobility in the Municipality of Loulé. By encouraging the use of bicycles as a means of transport, Loulé Concelho Global EM is contributing to the reduction of traffic in the historic area and in the city center, consequently contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions».

«In this way, a healthier lifestyle is promoted, reinforcing the municipality's commitment to the sustainable development of the municipality and the well-being of the community», concludes Loulé Concelho Global.