Lagoa invested almost 3,5 million in Sports in 2022

Investment made in new sports facilities was over 1 million euros

The Municipality of Lagoa invested, during the year 2022, three million, four hundred and fifty-six thousand euros in the area of ​​sport, «which continues to be one of the priorities defined by the current municipal executive», announced this Monday, April 24 , the municipality. 

The money was invested through program contracts signed with communities and associations, expenses with the Municipality's technicians, transport, programs and projects of the Sports Services, events held in the municipality, as well as constant investment in municipal sports facilities, whether building new or to maintain and improve those that already exist.

Of the total amount invested in the area of ​​sport, program contracts with communities absorbed more than 600 thousand euros. The investment made in new sports facilities was over 1 million euros and the maintenance of existing facilities was around 200 thousand euros. Expenditure on technicians from municipal sports services was more than 250 thousand euros.

Last year, the Municipality of Lagoa organized more than 93 sporting events, had more than 1700 federated athletes, enrolled in the most diverse modalities practiced in the municipality, had more than 1100 non-federated athletes practicing sports in the municipality, had its Viva+ program and water activities with maximum capacity.

«The Municipal Sports Development Strategy is based on three major axes, the I Axis – “Sports for All”, the II Axis – “Competitive Sports” and the III Axis – “Lagoa Hosts Great Events” and this strategy has been the basis, together with the extraordinary work carried out by our sports agents, for the results achieved over the last few years», says the municipality.

«Investing in sport is investing in the education of our children and young people. In our adults of tomorrow. I know of no better way to prepare them for the challenges of adult life than through the values ​​and challenges that sport conveys to us», said Luís Encarnação, mayor of Lagoa.