JSD/Loulé proposes “Cheque-book” for young people in the municipality

JSD/Loulé thus intends to encourage reading among young people

The PSD municipal group, on a proposal from JSD/Loulé, submitted a motion to the Municipal Assembly aimed at creating a “Cheque-book” for young people in the municipality.

The proposal consists of awarding a check worth 80 euros so that young people in the municipality can spend on books in the year they turn 18 years old.

According to JSD/Loulé calculations, if approved, this measure will benefit around 700 young people annually and will entail a cost of 56 thousand euros for the municipality, an amount that the young Social Democrats believe is «perfectly affordable given the enormous financial availability that the City Council has».

Young people argue that «at a time when the difficulties of many families are accentuated, integrated in the current global economic context, and in which the budgetary effort is concentrated in other areas, cultural consumption is clearly impaired» and that, therefore, «it is an important signal to give to the new generations that the municipality of Loulé is at their side in accessing Culture».

JSD/Loulé thus intends to encourage reading, combining the personal development of young people with the «positive impact on the economic activities of the municipality»

The proposal will be discussed at the meeting of the Municipal Assembly this Wednesday, April 26, and in statements the president of JSD/Loulé, Rúben Santos, said that he expects «unanimous approval of this motion, since it will have an impact the municipality's cultural life is very posiYve and supporting it is being on the side of young people».