Cowboys Serving Pizza in Roman Land Before Homecoming

The greatest adventure of the Walker's day was experienced already inside the train, on the way home

T3:E13 – Conímbriga / Coimbra

As you know, Conímbriga has always been closely linked to the Romans and we wanted to visit the PO.RO.S museum (Portugal Roman in Sicó) but, despite being open, we arrived late to enter because the visit was virtual and we didn't have time to go around the space with the audio guide.

In such a Roman land, it wouldn't be surprising for us to go to a themed restaurant for dinner. And so we went to eat pizzas in a restaurant whose theme was… the farothis one, full of paraphernalia from cowboys and with music country. The Way continues to surprise…

We went back to the hostel and there were already six of us, because in the meantime two cyclist pilgrims had arrived who were going to Fátima. With these reinforcements – and counting on the star of the company, the Argentinian, and the Spaniard, whose curriculum we didn't know -, we had an international Chamber(ta) orchestra ready to perform Night Concert No. 6 for snoring and bed.

I tell you that it was an unforgettable show, in which the various performers had the opportunity to exercise solo, but also had the art of integrating themselves into the collective. Even the expectant silences and dissonant notes of creaking beds, when the performers moved, were in perfect harmony with the slight whistles, the crescendo sonorities and the apotheosis when the whole orchestra resonated in unison. Bright!!! There was no applause, but there were bags under my eyes when the day cleared.



But let's go back to the Path. Today was a day with nothing special, practically always on the road and with a chaotic entry into Coimbra, since the yellow arrows and signs were almost non-existent and muffled by the visual pollution.

This season ends today and here in Coimbra. The Way passed by the Coimbra B train station, where I said goodbye to my companion on these last stages. I watched her take off, with a determined step, towards her final destination: Santiago de Compostela.

Good Way, p.


Note 1: As with the Netflix series, tomorrow there is a (trailer) summary of this Season 3.

Note 2: I was about to send the column, from the train (Alfa Pendular) where I'm going in the carriage in front. Indicated speeds are generally above one hundred per hour. All of a sudden there's a big shake, I see some pieces of shards (wood?) jump, you can feel that the train is going a little out of control to brake and we manage to stop. It was so fast that I couldn't think.

According to information, the train ran over a motorcycle and there is a rush of firefighters from Cartaxo. According to the GPS we are stopped in Benfica do Ribatejo, before Santarém, about half an hour ago. It's 17:30 pm.



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