Algarve 2030 officially kicks off with the publication of the first notices

In the areas of higher education and technical assistance

The first notices of the Algarve 2030, in the scope of higher education and technical assistance, have already been launched by the management unit of the Algarve Regional Operational Programme, which will have a total allocation of 780 million euros of European funds, to be applied in the region between 2021 and 2027.

In the area of ​​higher education, the first call for tenders is intended to support the offer of Higher Professional Technical Courses, «an educational offer of higher education, but of a professional nature, which seeks to contribute to the reinforcement of skills and to a better response to the needs of the labor market», according to the Coordination and Regional Development Commission (CCDR) of the Algarve.

These courses tend to respond “to the needs of the priority sectors identified within the scope of the Regional Smart Specialization Strategy”.

After these first warnings, «the tenders for support to companies will follow in April, namely within the scope of Incentive Systems, in particular for projects of productive innovation and internationalization of Small and Medium-sized Companies».

«To allow for the opening of these notices, in addition to the construction of the regulatory building (publication of the Governance Model for European Funds and the general application regime Portugal 2030), a meeting of the Program Monitoring Committee was held last week, where In addition to the entities involved in coordination and management, economic and social partners were present, and where the selection criteria were approved», revealed the Algarve CCDR.

The Program Steering Committee was also set up, chaired by José Apolinário, president of the CCDR of the Algarve, by Aquiles Marreiros, the executive member appointed by the Government, and by António Pina, non-executive member appointed by the National Association of Portuguese Municipalities.