Airport: Independent commission announces final list of possible solutions

Goal is to present a solution by the end of the year

The independent technical commission that is studying the expansion of Lisbon's airport capacity announces today the final list of possible locations, with the aim of presenting a solution by the end of the year.

The final list will be presented at the first conference of the Independent Technical Commission (CTI), on the results of activities carried out in the first phase of the Strategic Environmental Assessment on increasing airport capacity for the Lisbon region.

Created at the end of last year, the CTI, installed at the National Laboratory of Civil Engineering (LNEC), in Lisbon, has Professor Rosário Partidário as general coordinator and has a team of six technical coordinators.

In an interview with Lusa, at the end of January, university professor Rosário Macário, technical coordinator at CTI and specialist in Planning and Operation of Transport Systems, who was responsible for coordinating the airport planning area, said that Beja and Alverca had joined the list of possible locations and that the commission was still open to receiving more proposals.

These two locations are in addition to the five proposals contemplated in the Council of Ministers resolution approved last year, which defined the constitution of a CTI to analyze five hypotheses for the Lisbon airport solution (Portela + Montijo; Montijo + Portela; Alcochete; Portela + Santarém; Santarém), but anticipated that other options could be added.

In recent days, the chances of Monte Real (Leiria) and Alcochete + Portela have also been reported.

The reports with the CTI's conclusions must be closed by November, after which they will move on to the public discussion phase.