April in Silves is full of music for all tastes and ages

Celebrations take place between April 21 and May 6

The 49th anniversary of the April revolution will be celebrated in Silves with a program that includes various activities and concerts for all tastes and ages. 

The activities take place between the 21st of April and the 6th of May, with theatre, music, poetry, multimedia and cinema. The concert with João Pedro Pais and the show by Paulo de Carvalho “Voz e Piano”, with the Cuban pianist Victor Zamora, are two of the highlights of this programme.

Opening the program, the Municipality of Silves presents another session on Side B with Paulo de Carvalho, an unavoidable artist of the 25th of April who gave voice to the song “E tarde do adeus”, which would become the 1st password of the revolution.

In the April program in Silves, the singer will perform on the 21st, at 21 pm, at Teatro Mascarenhas Gregório, in a show that revisits his 30-year career.

Music for children and young people is the proposal presented to the youngest by the Municipal Library of Silves, on the 22nd, with two sessions facilitated by Tiago Pires, the first at 10:00 am, aimed at children from 6 to 9 years old, and the second at 11:00 am , for young people from 10 to 12 years old.

At 16 pm, it is the turn of the 00th grade students of the Multimedia course at Escola Secundária de Silves to present the project Liberdade, at Teatro Mascarenhas Gregório (TMG), an activity that is part of an exhibition that can be visited until 11 May at the venue .

April is also the month of commemoration of the anniversary of the Municipal Library of Silves, which marks its 23th anniversary on the 15rd. The day will be marked by two highlights: the declamation of “March”, a poem that evokes the freedoms that have yet to be conquered, by the poet and poet Alice Neto de Sousa, at 15:30 pm, and the play “25 de April Always! History of the Carnation Revolution”, by Teatro ABC, at 16 pm.

On April 24, at 21 pm, it is João Pedro Pais' turn to take the stage for these celebrations, in the city's riverside area, next to the Silves municipal swimming pool complex, a concert to be followed by a fireworks display, at 30:24.

The 25th of April opens with the usual parade of the Banda da Sociedade Filarmónica Silvense, at 9 am, in Silves, followed by the Solemn Session of the Municipal Assembly, in the main hall of the Paços do Concelho, at 30 am. The day's program culminates with a cinema matinee at TMG, with the screening of the film “O Jovem Cunhal”, by João Botelho, at 10 pm.

Cape Verdean rhythm and melodies take to the stage of the Teatro Mascarenhas Gregório on April 29, at 21 pm, with the show commemorating the 00th anniversary of the career of the musician, poet and composer Benvindo Barros, “Cantar Cabo Verde”.

The program for the celebrations of the 25th of April in Silves ends with the musical show Mais Alto!, on the 6th of May, at 16 pm, at the Teatro Mascarenhas Gregório.