The magic of the Path, in a summary of season 3

Will there be a new Walker season? The answer is…

Summary (trailer) of Season 3

This was the first time the Walker walked alone. It's a different experience, a more introspective journey, but not a lonely one. My mind wanders and there is a lot to talk about, with me and with people who are close by. It is sung softly and sometimes loudly (don't ask why, but I liked The Internationale and the National Anthem).

He only counted on me, so every time I started a stage, there was always the expectation of how it would go and the fear of having forgotten something – because there is that maxim that “the pilgrim does not go back”.

Do not think that the Path is easy. It hurts. You suffer. It is necessary to have physical and emotional structure to do so. To walk, walk and not see anyone, not even a place to fill the canteen with water. To see the sloppiness of rubbish and debris scattered around. To hear dog owners reassure them that they never bite. To arrive at a place without knowing if there is a place to sleep. For the (possible) lack of privacy and sleepless night. To carry a 10 kg backpack for thirteen days, with my back hurting. To walk, officially, 247,30 kilometers but that was, for sure, more than three hundred. To fear that the body will not cope.

But getting tired to a small café and having a cold drink and a little cheese. And people wish "good way". Being able to enjoy the scenery. Stop to see the lizards playing and the ants toiling. And drivers wave and swerve. And, best of all, the pilgrims. People from all over the world. I lived with more than a dozen nationalities, different temperaments, different cultures. Friendships that last a few hours, depending on the encounters and disagreements on the Way, but that we will not forget – and in this, the hostels are unbeatable. I slept for 7,5 euros. 75 euros was what I paid for one night, with dinner and washed and dried clothes.

There is something magical (for lack of a better word) about hostels, not least because the Camino is a great leveler, we reach the end of the day all humbly dusty, sweaty and tired…

And there is a (sometimes not so) visible religious motivation. There are those who hear Mass along the Way. There are those who cross themselves before eating. But everyone has their reasons, unique, personal and (often) non-transferable. The pilgrim never goes alone.

We follow the yellow arrows. Technology, apps, are for comfort when we get lost. They also serve to miss M., far away, worried and serving as a blessing backoffice.

Worth it? The answer is a clear and resounding Yessss!!! like Ronaldo, because it's such a strong experience that it's still going to be a few days before a part of me stops walking.

I'll end with a Netflix-style question. Will there be a new Walker season? The answer is…


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