See here the timetable for Easter Masses in the Algarve

On this occasion, some festivities that are very characteristic of the region will take place, namely the Festa das Torchas Floridas

The schedules of all the Easter celebrations that will take place in the parishes of the Diocese of the Algarve are already known.

In this way, those who reside in the region and those who visit us in this season can obtain information about the Holy Week festivities, namely the processions of branches, the times of the Eucharist on Holy Thursday, the celebration of the Passion and Death of Jesus, on Friday Holy Thursday and Easter Vigil, as well as the various masses on Easter Day.

On this occasion, some festivities will take place that are very characteristic of the region, namely the Feast of the Flowered Torches of S. Brás de Alportel, which takes place on Easter Sunday, and the festivities in honor of the Sovereign Mother, in Loulé (the Small Feast takes place on Sunday of Easter and fifteen days later the Big Party takes place).

The schedules of all celebrations can be known here