UAlg has a priority contingent for students in need in accessing Superior from 2023/24

Paulo Águas: “this measure proposed by the government was immediately supported by the UAlg”

Secondary education students who are beneficiaries of step A of the school social action will be part of a priority group in terms of access to higher education. The University of Algarve will participate in the pilot phase of implementing this contingent, which is entitled to 2% of places for each cycle of studies.

The 2% of advertised vacancies are applicable to the entire country, although this priority contingent is implemented in a pilot phase in the national access competitions in the academic years 2023-2024 and 2024-2025 on a voluntary basis, that is, only in higher education institutions that agree with its implementation, as is the case of UAlg. The measure will be extended to more institutions and evaluated in 2024, before being generalized across the country in 2025.

For Dean Paulo Águas, “this measure proposed by the government deserved immediate support from the UAlg since it promotes inclusion through positive discrimination for students from less favored socioeconomic strata”.

It is hoped that the creation of this priority contingent can contribute to reducing the under-representation of beneficiaries in step A of school social action in higher education.

A student who cumulatively meets the following conditions may apply to this contingent:

a) Hold a secondary education course, or legally equivalent qualification, completed up to and including the 2022-2023 academic year;

b) Proof of ability to attend higher education;

c) Not be covered by the international student status.

The application consists of indicating, in descending order of preference, the courses for which the student has the appropriate application conditions and where he/she intends to enroll.

In the next academic year (2023/24), the priority contingent for economically disadvantaged students will be available at UAlg, with 2% of its vacancies or 2 vacancies for each cycle of studies for beneficiary candidates of step A of action school social.