UAlg is the first higher education institution in Portugal to launch a Participatory Budget

Participatory Budget will have an allocation of 80 thousand euros

The University of Algarve (UAlg) is the first higher education institution to create a Participatory Budget. The official launch will take place this Thursday, March 23, at 14 pm, at the Teresa Gamito Amphitheater, on the Gambelas Campus.

The PB includes the entire academic community: students, non-teaching staff, faculty and researchers.

In 2023, UAlg makes 80 thousand euros available to the academic community for projects that improve their well-being. This amount will be distributed as follows: 40 thousand euros for students and 40 thousand euros for teaching staff, non-teaching staff and researchers.

The UAlg recognizes the participatory budget as a mechanism for democratic participation, which involves the Organic Units, Academic Association, Services and Research Centers, through valuing their opinions and capacity for reflection, with a view to developing a sense of belonging, dialogue, collective mobilization in favor of the common good, respect for different choices and increased confidence in the institution's management.

Students, employees, researchers and teachers will thus be able to decide on a significant part of their income and participate in a civic and active way in innovative projects, namely within the scope of sustainable development, social, pedagogical, sporting or cultural entrepreneurship.

By the end of March, public dissemination sessions will be held at the UAlg, so that everyone can learn about the organization and functioning of the Participatory Budget.