Tax workers protest in Faro against "professional devaluation"

Tomorrow, Friday, March 24th

Photos: Hugo Rodrigues | Sul Informação

Workers from the Tax and Customs Authority (AT) of the Algarve will gather this Friday, March 24, at 16 pm, in Praça Dom Francisco Gomes, next to Caixa Geral de Depósitos, in Faro, in a «protest against professional devaluation and the collapse of AT.

The initiative, convened by the District Directorate of Faro of the Tax Workers' Union (STI) as part of an action at national level, "aims to make evident the discontent of AT workers in the face of the degradation of working conditions, namely the departure of 40% of workers for retirement in the next few years without entry of new workers, degradation of facilities, lack of workers to promote the efficient fight against fraud and tax evasion, non-regulation of the career diploma, and overwork, among other issues», according to the union.

«According to the 2021 social balance sheet (the last one to be produced) that refers to the number of workers in AT as 10.782, of these, 3776 are over 60 years old, that is, today they represent, at least, more than 35% of the its staff", adds the STI.

Without working conditions, say the unionists, «TA professionals are unable to fulfill their fundamental mission of providing the Portuguese State with the necessary revenue to meet the needs of Public Education, the SNS, Justice and Public Security».

In the same way, they also "fail to efficiently fight tax crime, the security of the European Union's external border, the fight against drug trafficking and provide a good service in assisting the taxpayer".

Taking this into account, the STI «already went ahead last Friday with a new strike notice, for April, to provide coverage for the continuity of protest actions throughout the country, with the possibility of constraints being felt in the Finance, in frontier attendance, inspection or control services'.

«The STI reiterates that it wants to create discomfort and pressure, not on the citizens, but on the General Directorate of the AT and on the Government, wanting to see, on their part, once and for all, solutions, black and white, with a view to dignifying careers of the more than 10 employees in the sector, which allow them a perspective of the future so that they can once again take pride in the functions they perform and in the organization in which they work», concludes the union.