Lisbon taxi driver who ran over and killed cyclist in Boliqueime tried to flee Uber

Taxi had a passenger on board who will be heard for «future memory»

The car that this morning fatally ran over a 20-year-old Brazilian, who was on a bicycle, was a taxi from Lisbon that left a passenger at a hotel, called a tow truck, ran away from Uber, but ended up being caught at the A2 toll booth, in Paderne (Boliqueime). 

In this story, the traces found at the site of the accident, on Estrada Nacional 270, in Boliqueime, were essential.

The accident took place around 3:20 am.

GNR source told the Sul Informação that it was possible to determine, through the Núcleo de Investigação Criminal, that the car involved in the accident was a «taxi from Lisbon that made a service from Humberto Delgado Airport to a hotel».

Even after the accident, the taxi driver continued the trip, with the foreign passenger on board, leaving him at the hotel. Only afterwards did the 46-year-old taxi driver call a tow truck and take an Uber.

According to the GNR, "it was possible to detect the trailer with characteristics and traces similar to those found at the site of the accident".

It was also the trailer that gave information to the authorities «about the TVDE where the driver was following».

The car ended up being stopped at the A2 toll booth, and the taxi driver was «constituted an arguido».

As for the passenger, he will be heard for "future memory".

The investigation continues.


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