Professional Training Service of Faro dedicated Open Day to hotels and restaurants

Open day was attended by representatives of «reference companies in the area»

 Hotels and Restaurants were highlighted at the 1st Open Day of the Professional Training Service of Faro, which took place at the premises of the Institute for Employment and Vocational Training (IEFP) in Areal Gordo, in Faro, on the 22th of March.

This open day was attended by «representatives of several leading companies in the area, including AP Hotels & Resorts, Dom Pedro Hotels, Four Seasons Country Club, Golden Beach Guest House, Hilton As Cascatas, Quinta do Lago SA and Real Hotels Group» , according to the IEFP Algarve regional delegation.

On that day, «a presentation session of the Service was promoted, listing the professional training modalities developed by the Institute of Employment and Professional Training, IP (IEFP), aiming to strengthen the relationship with the business market».

«For this, the Services were placed as partners in the development and growth of companies and the existing valences in the professional training of the IEFP were shown. Measures such as Professional Internships, Modular Training for Active Workers and Practical Training in the Workplace, among others, were also addressed”, added the institute.

The new project for the “Hotel Escola” was also presented, which was «very well received by those present» and a visit was made to the campus of the Employment and Professional Training Service of Faro.

The program also included a welcome cocktail and a flying buffet lunch, organized and prepared by the Education and Training of Adults of Restaurant / Bar Technicians, guided by the trainer Jorge Miguel and Chef Celso, and with the collaboration of the company Time for Grill, «which provided the equipment for the production of the lunch».

«The companies present were able to experience "in loco", the practical application of the training developed by the Training Service of Faro, involving trainers and technicians with a view to adequately preparing trainees for integration into the labor market, counting as an added value for the companies that receive them», concluded the IEFP.