Spring evenings are back in the village of Santo Estêvão

And they start on the 15th of April

The Spring Evenings are back in the village of Santo Estêvão, in Tavira, on the 15th of April, with a show by the singer-songwriter A Garota Não. 

Inspired by the Evenings in the Province of Júlio Dinis, the calendar also includes a visit from Bandua on the 6th of May and on the 20th of the same month Rita Vian. Closing this cycle, the “Velhote do Carmo” performs on the 10th of June.

The plastic artist Patrícia Roque, who had already collaborated with Santo Estêvão in “Outono na Aldeia”, also presents her perspective of the village, the Church, the Casa do Povo, the flowering fields, strength, joy and nature.

The Spring evenings are part of and are supported by the Viva a Primavera program run by the Municipality of Tavira.