PSD/Loulé asks for «urgent intervention» on National Road 270 in Boliqueime

After yet another fatal accident

The PSD/Loulé asks the Socialist Party for "urgent intervention" on Estrada Nacional 270, in Boliqueime, where, in the early hours of March 9, there was another deadly accident.

"The culprits for the accidents that occur there are not the politicians, but it is impossible to hide the complicity of the Socialist Party executive," said Cláudio Lima, president of the PSD/Loulé.

In a note, the party states that this is an intervention requested for several years.

«For the people who travel the EN 270 on a daily basis, it does not matter who has jurisdiction over the road, whether the Municipality of Loulé, the Parish Council of Boliqueime or Estradas de Portugal, and who is responsible for correcting their layout or work. It is important that this problem be solved. That is why we cannot be soft with words: what is seen on the part of the competent local authorities - City Council and Parish Council - is a "whistle to the side", bordering on negligence, an insulting attitude in the face of the seriousness of the situation », underlined Cláudio Lima.