Civil Protection tests railway line plan for accident with hazardous materials

Plan is tested this Friday night

A fictitious scenario of a serious accident, at the Passenger Terminal, next to Tunes Station, will serve as a context to test the Preliminary Intervention Plan (PPI) of the National Authority for Emergency and Civil Protection (ANEPC) for the Algarve Railway Line, through the exercise “FERROEX_ALG.II ́23” which will be launched this Friday night, from 22:20, in the LIVEX modality (Live Exercise), with movement of means.

This will be ANPEC's second PPI test in the space of a year, the first having taken place in the eastern Algarve, on April 26 last year, in the municipality of Faro.

Exercise “FERROEX_ALG.II'23”, promoted by the Regional Operational Coordination Center (CCOR) of the Algarve, involves the different Civil Protection Agents and Cooperating Entities of the Integrated Protection and Rescue Operations System (SIOPS), in the materialization of the response within the scope of the Integrated Device for Nuclear, Radiological, Biological and Chemical Operations (DIONRBQ), assessing the procedures established in the initial response and in specialized reinforcement, as well as in the application of the Operations Management System (SGO).



The exercise is conducted by the ANEPC Regional Command for the Algarve and has the support of the Municipal Civil Protection Service of Silves, which will take the opportunity to test the procedures instituted within the scope of sustaining civil protection and rescue operations and to exercise the capacity to host unharmed passengers and information to families, in a coordinated effort between social action services and CP.

An Operational Command Post will also be installed on site to ensure institutional coordination and direct the strategic plan of action, ensuring command and control of operations arising from an exceptional situation in a serious accident scenario.

In addition to ANEPC, Infraestruturas de Portugal, CP – Comboios Portugal, Takargo-Transporte de Mercadorias, and Atlantic Cargo are participating in the exercise, which are testing their internal response to emergencies in conjunction with the external response materialized by the Fire Departments of the region, the National Republican Guard and INEM.