Teachers demonstrated in Portimão, but the Minister of Education did not call them [video]

Taking advantage of the visit of Minister João Costa, within the scope of the “Government + Next” initiative

More than a hundred teachers demonstrated yesterday, at the end of the afternoon, in Portimão, in front of the City Council, where the Ministers of Education and Housing went to sign the collaboration protocol “Housing for displaced professionals”.

This protocol, signed between the IHRU – Institute for Housing and Urban Rehabilitation and DGAE – Directorate-General for School Administration, was approved on the occasion by the Minister of Housing, Marina Gonçalves, and by the Minister of Education, João Costa, and is intended to to guarantee houses for teachers and other professionals displaced in the municipality of Portimão.

Outside, in the access streets and in the square in front of the Town Hall, the teachers, with megaphones, drums and tuned throats, demonstrated noisily, but the Minister of Education arrived and left by car, at high speed, not having crossed with those who protested.


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