Portimão marks Women's Day with activities in social action, culture and sport

Activities started on the 6th of March and run until the 11th

Portimão once again marks International Women's Day with a series of initiatives that include social action, culture and sport, celebrating the female universe.

The program started on the 6th of March with the presence of a hairdresser at the Centro de Convivio da Aldeia das Sobreiras already thinking about today's photo session.

On Women's Day, which is marked on March 8, the users of this Social Center will have lunch at the “Faina” restaurant, while the ladies of the Senior Social Center in Portimão will participate in the making of biscuits, which will be followed by a snack.

The Manuel Teixeira Gomes Municipal Library is associated with the event and, as of this date, exhibits the documentary exhibition “As Mulheres em Detail”, open until March 25, on the feminine universe in the form of objects, accessories, garments, etc.

There are also books inspired by women and their world, such as "The awakening of a new woman: guide to a happy life", by Louise Hay, "The privilege of being a woman", by Aldo Aluffi, "Tribute to woman”, by Helen Exley, “Adventurous women: Portuguese in the four corners of the world”, by Rosário Sá Coutinho or “A woman does not cry”, by Rita Ferro.



From 11:00 am, TEMPO's Café-Concerto hosts the show “A Mãe da Bride”, created and performed by Ana Saragoça.

Aimed at secondary school students, the play is a humorous reflection on the issues facing middle-aged women today.

On the other hand, the third edition of the International Painting Symposium will take place until 11 March, in the hall of the auditorium of the Museum of Portimão, which invites you to explore the theme “Freedom and Women”.

For this, four internationally recognized artists, from different cultures and religions, were challenged to interpret themes such as refugees, gender violence and sustainability in pictorial form (painting), participating in the symposium Aseel Azizieh (Jordan), Rasha Deeb (Syria ), Toña Gomez (Spain) and Kinga Subika (Poland).

Finally, Women's Day will be marked in the “Diabetes in Movement” class scheduled for March 8 at the Pavilhão Gimnodesportivo in Portimão, by the three dozen people enrolled in this municipal programme.