Fishermen from Armação de Pêra already have a new tractor and shelter to store it

Câmara de Silves invested more than 130 thousand euros in support for artisanal fishermen

The new shelter for the boat hauling tractor – Photo: Cátia Rodrigues | Sul Informação

The Fishermen's Association of Armação de Pêra already has a new tractor to haul the boats, equipped with various accessories and equipment to be attached, delivered by the Municipality of Silves.

The municipal investment in the order of 108 euros was the subject of community funding through the 2020 Operational Program, which contributed with 88 euros.

The new equipment is now stored in the wooden shelter, whose construction, also promoted by the Silves municipality, cost 24 thousand euros and was involved in controversy.

Is that a company connected to the “Vila Vita Parc” group, embargoed in May 2022, the work that was being carried out by the Municipality of Silves, in the fishing corridor of Praia dos Pescadores, for the installation of the shelter for the tractor. After some litigation in the courts last January, the Court of Appeal of Évora confirmed that Praia dos Pescadores in Armação de Pêra belongs to the public domain and is not private, as claimed by the company.

«It is part of the strategy of the Municipality of Silves to constantly support the fishing community of Armação de Pêra through its Association, aiming at the defense and enhancement of artisanal fishing, its fishermen and the local economy», underlines the Câmara de Silves.


Delivery of the tractor by the Câmara de Silves, on the 3rd of March