Handicrafts crafted with ancestral techniques on display in Loulé

Exhibition is promoted by Associação Origin Comum, in partnership with Loulé Criativo

Contemporary handicrafts crafted with techniques that have accompanied several generations of artisans from the Algarve will be on display between next Saturday, April 1st, and June 17th, at Palácio Gama Lobo, in Loulé.

The show, promoted by Associação Origin Comum, in partnership with Loulé Criativo, aims to present traditional and ancestral techniques from the Algarve, such as palm, cork, cane basketry, native woods and boilermaking, in the creation of contemporary models.

«The aim is for artisans to be able to see the result of work from all territories», Álbio Nascimento, designer and researcher of ancestral practices in the field of crafts.

The exhibition, whose motto is “Situated Practices”, will present products with techniques from various parts of the country, “but the focus is centered” on research and work carried out in some parts of the Algarve.

«These are finished products, most of which are already available in the 'Origin Comum' online store, accessible for people to buy, because that's the only way it makes sense», noted Álbio Nascimento.

The preservation of the ancestral and original practices of each place results from the research work of Álbio Nascimento and Kathi Stertzig, who created the Common Origin platform, where non-commercialized products are available.

The show starts next Saturday with about 10 products, but will present «an evolving format, where some more objects will appear as they are being finished».

The program includes an artistic residency, lasting three weeks, under the guidance of a 'designer' from Malaysia, author of research on vegetable fibers and interweaving techniques linked to local basketry in Europe.

Álbio Nascimento also considered as «another strong moment» the holding, on the 12th of May, of a day dedicated to conversations and debates on the contemporaneity and contemporary relevance of these arts.

Origin Comum has the task of putting these practices on the agenda, as tools to question material culture, waste, consumption and how they can be returned or reintroduced in everyday life.

The concept of Common Origin is based on deepening the roots of former practices, «on a path made with artisans, their practices and knowledge», underlined the researcher.

Álbio Nascimento said that the objective is to learn from practices, materials and processes and «from there, learn what is truly sustainable and useful for the new times».

«We want craft practices to participate in the global discussion of the themes of our time: sustainable production, fair trade, responsible consumption, respect for the climate and community well-being», he concluded.