New Skate Park at Casa das Artes already invites acrobatics in Portimão

Space will open every day from 9:00 to 20:00

The Casa das Artes Skate Park, with an area of ​​around 800 square metres, was inaugurated this Saturday, March 18, in Portimão. 

The space has «all the conditions for the practice of extreme sports, namely skateboarding and BMX Freestyle, both in terms of entertainment and learning», says the Portimão Council.

At the inauguration of the new municipal equipment, included in the programming of the Young March 2023, the mayor of Portimão stated that it was «a very important moment, because we are debuting another space for families, following the European City project of Sport 2019, which left strong roots among us».



«Sport in Portimão continues to be recognized at a national level and this fills us with pride and motivates us to do more and better, only now missing the icing on the cake which will be the creation of the radical space in the Parque da Juventude» , highlighted the mayor, assuring that this project is «an ambition and a commitment of the Municipality».

Also present at the ceremony, the regional director of the Portuguese Institute of Sports and Youth highlighted «the vision of the Portimonian municipality in favor of the motto 'More sport for all', that this is a paradigmatic inauguration, even more so with skateboarding having recently reached the Olympic status, which motivates us to soon organize training activities in the region for coaches of the sport».

The new space at Casa das Artes was designed by architect Paulo Ribeiro, national coordinator of the skate technical committee of the Portuguese Skating Federation, it will operate daily from 9:00 am to 20:00 pm and will be jointly managed by the Municipality of Portimão and the Bicross Club of Portimão , Portimão Surf Clube and SK8500 Skate Clube de Portimão, which promote the modalities contemplated.