Monchique will have a business incubator in Casais

There are already potentials interested in installing

Humberto Sério – Photo: Pedro Lemos | Sul Informação

It is a «gap» that, guarantees the City Council, will be solved. Monchique will have a business incubator, the first in the municipality, with the main objective of creating a «new economic dynamic» for potential investors and startups 

In statements to the Sul Informação, Humberto Sério, deputy mayor of Monchique, said that the space for the future incubator had already been chosen.

«It will be at Casais. We have an identified space, which will be renovated, to install this incubator there », she said.

The Monchique municipality has already drawn up a regulation that was unanimously approved at the Chamber meeting on the 7th of March. The document will still be voted on in the Municipal Assembly, where the PS has a majority.

In Humberto Sério's predictions, still in this first quarter, it should be possible to formally set up the incubator, even if the space is not ready.


Photos: Pedro Lemos | Sul Informação


The project was also recently presented at the Employment, Training and Entrepreneurship Fair in Monchique.

The space will have the capacity to host «six, seven companies», according to the vice-president.

«In our opinion, what has been done so far in these areas has been very scarce. Hence, came this idea of ​​the incubator that wants to help all new projects, giving them opportunities», he also considered.

This will be a "sharing space for startups, entrepreneurs and young people who can have a place of work there with acceptable costs for those starting a new business», he added.

According to the mayor, there are even potential interested incubators.

«The interior of the country has developed a lot based on incubators, digital nomads and it is one of the gaps that we felt we had. There has never been anything like this in the municipality and this initiative will give a new dynamic for potential investors, for those who want to settle here and for young people », he concluded.


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