Machines that send notifications? There are in Faro, in the “most modern laundry in the country”

At Blue Laundry at Forum Algarve

Machines that send notifications to the owners of the clothes before washing is finished are the big news at the «most modern self-service laundry in the country», a space in Blue Laundries which recently opened on Floor -1 of Forum Algarve, in Faro.

This would be a self-service laundry like any other in the already existing chain in the Algarve, with washing and drying services for clothes – it has four washing machines and two dryers -, were it not for one of the features of the machines used: they send notifications to customers, which allows them to take advantage of the washing time for shopping or other activities.

The space «has a video surveillance system, ambient sound, scent diffuser and free Wi-Fi, which means you can watch your favorite series or respond to work emails, while waiting for the clothes to be washed and/or dried, without worrying about spending mobile data», according to the Timing Group, which created this business.

According to Ricardo Mariano, executive director of Grupo Timing, the challenge was to open in Faro «the most modern self-service laundry in the country. There are, of course, modern self-service laundries in other cities. Ours, in the worst case scenario, would have to be on a par with the best. And so it was".

«Today we have, in a reference shopping mall in the south of Portugal, a space that only uses environmentally friendly products, where customers can put their clothes to be washed and/or dried, take the time to go shopping, while accompanying washing/drying status via mobile phone. In addition to being able to reserve a machine, in advance, for 10 minutes, when the clothes are almost ready, the customer receives a notification, three minutes before», according to the Algarve businessman.

Washings are available from 5 euros, for every 45 minutes, and dryings, from 2,25 euros for periods of fifteen minutes.

Customers can pay in coins and banknotes or using a rechargeable customer card. In the future, ATM payments will also be available.




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