Children's book by an 8-year-old author launched in Messines

To mark International Children's Book Day

The book “Princesas Mágicas”, by Bea Cabrita, aged 8, will be presented at Casa Museu João de Deus, in São Bartolomeu de Messines, on April 1st, at 15 pm, on the occasion of the celebrations of the International Children's Book.

The work deals with the story of Princess Rosa who is about to reach the age of majority, when she will be granted a powerful magical gift. But with power comes responsibility and Rosa will have to learn to use her gift wisely and realize that not everything will be easy...

In a Kingdom where magic happens, these are the adventures of Princess Rosa and her sisters Laura and Mia, along with their family and friends. It is, according to Câmara de Silves, “a story where the main ingredients are friendship and love, which live side by side with wisdom and courage”.

Bea Cabrita (Beatriz Silvestre Cabrita) is 8 years old and was born in São Bartolomeu de Messines, in the municipality of Silves.

Since his first contact with letters, he has shown a particular interest in this form of expression.

The International Children's Book Day has been celebrated every year since 1967 on April 2 and marks the anniversary of the birth of the Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875).