Lagos presents Municipal Health Plan

Developed in collaboration with the National School of Public Health

The Municipality of Lagos presented the Municipal Health and Development Plan for the Health and Well-Being Cluster, drawn up in collaboration with the National School of Public Health of Universidade Nova de Lisboa. 

The presentation session featured interventions by Hugo Pereira, mayor of Lagos, Paulo Morgado, president of ARS Algarve, Adalberto Campos Fernandes and Paulo Sousa, both responsible for the plan through ENSP-NOVA.

Working as the basis of this study, a diagnosis of the municipality of Lagos was made, with data related to demography and socioeconomics, housing and mobility, physical environment, birth rate and maternal and child health, lifestyles, morbidity, mortality, health resources and accessibility , community pharmacies and medication dispensing and national vaccination plan.

Among the statistics presented, the municipality highlights some problems such as the lack of doctors in primary health services, common to the entire region, the increase in the resident population to the detriment of the health resources necessary to respond and the increase in morbidity and mortality in the county due to lifestyle problems.



Through the analysis of sociodemographic, economic and health indicators, the document gathered recommendations considered as priorities, such as involving and creating partnerships around health and well-being, increasing the number of home consultations, improving and resizing the Health Center of Lagos and different functional units, reinforce the articulation between Primary Health Care and the Hospital and University Center of the Algarve, create a Digital Health Unit, provide Mobile Units for the municipalities of Terras do Infante, develop more programs to promote health, aging and healthy lifestyle, meet conditions for the implementation of a Home Hospitalization Unit and invest in the development of Health Tourism.

Praising the rigorous work carried out by ENSP-NOVA, Hugo Pereira, on behalf of the Câmara de Lagos, was motivated to integrate the strategic axes of this new plan into the foundations of the Health policies that the municipality is now in charge of for the development of this sector in the municipality, within its competences and attributions and in articulation with the different actors and within a framework of multilevel governance.