Young Algarve woman wins gold medal at the National Professions Championship

Of the eleven competitors from the Algarve, nine were awarded

National Professionals Championship in Portimão – Photo: Flávio Costa | Sul Informação

One gold medal, two silver, three bronze and two medals of excellence. These are the results achieved by young Algarve competitors in the National Professions Championship | Skills Portugal, which took place from the 8th to the 12th of March, for the first time in Portimão.

The gold medal was awarded to Nânci Tomás, a trainee at the Employment and Professional Training Center of Barlavento, who competed in Estheticism, an area in which the Algarve continues to excel, after the brilliance achieved last year by Seomara Cabrita.

One of the silver medals was won by the team formed by Juan Vanegas and António Mateus, both students of the Employment and Professional Training Center of Barlavento, in the area of ​​Animation/Video.

The second silver medal went to Kimberley Bach, from CCILA – DUAL Portimão, in Hotel Reception.

One of the bronze medals was awarded to Afonso Abreu, from the Employment and Professional Training Center of Faro, in the contest for the Development of Business IT Applications.

Two students from CCILA – DUAL Portimão won the remaining two bronze medals: Júlio Patrício (Restaurant and Bar Service) and Filipa Santos (Kitchen).

The Excellence medals were won by two students from the Dr. Laura Ayres, from Quarteira: Roberto Pereira (Landscape Gardening) and Luís Guerreiro (Kitchen).

Thirteen young people from the Algarve had gone to the competition, but two withdrew.

Madalena Feu, regional delegate of the IEFP in the Algarve, responsible for the organization of this National Professions Championship, expressed herself very happy with the way the event took place and with these results. «Of the total of 11 young trainees from the Algarve who completed the race, we won 8 medals, awarded to 9 young people. That is great".

In this edition of Skills Portugal, which took place in the Algarve – tastings in Portimão, opening and closing in Lagoa – 366 young people participated, representing the seven Portuguese regions, competing in 54 professions.

The winners of this 45th edition of the National Professionals Championship will now represent Portugal in the 8th edition of the European Professionals Championship, which will take place in September, in Gdánsk, Poland, and then in the 46th edition of the World Professionals Championship , which will take place in Lyon, France, in September 2024.

On Friday, the last day of the competition, Minister Ana Mendes Godinho, responsible for the Work, Solidarity and Social Security portfolio, visited the Portimão Arena, where the competition took place, as the Sul Informação did the trick.


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